Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sew, What did you Do Today?

Sojung has been practicing the piano a lot lately. She is having a "piano war" with a friend. I am benefiting from this because he has found a lot of new music to play.
I made pillows for the girls. Sojung wanted to help sew hers.
Do you like these cute pin cushions? Sojung's friend, Seal Ran made them for me. I love them.
Stuffing the pillow. Even Marcy got in on the action.
We also made more headbands. I have quite the sweatshop, I mean assembly line. Sojung irons, turns fabric and gets the elastic ready. Audrey got in on the action this time by helping turn fabric. In all we made six headbands. These three are for a birthday gift for a party the girls are attended this weekend. I hope she likes them.
As soon as we finished Audrey was begging to go back to the fabric store for more fabric. She is going to be a crafter.
Yesterday was Marcus' birthday but he has been sick with the flu. Poor guy. Betty was so upset (in tears) that her daddy was too sick to celebrate his birthday. It was so sweet. We are hoping to celebrate Friday night.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's What's Been Going On

Audrey already had a bike so we bought one for Betty. Top it off with two very cute helmets and they are set for a fun day of riding bikes...
Audrey was off with just a little help.
Betty was a little shaky and managed to crash even with training wheels. If anyone could do that it would be Betty. Or maybe her Aunt Rebecca.
She did ride a little bit...before crashing again.
This was not as successful as hoped. We'll try later. When the memory is not so fresh.
Beautiful Sojung.
Watching "The Brady Bunch."
Swimming underwater in the shallow end of the pool can be dangerous.
We stopped him before he ate too much. Pierre really like BBQ chicken and rice.
Walking to the park.
Spending time with Tate. You can read about him and is adorable twin sister by clicking here.
Did I mention that Yoko stopped by? Oh yeah, baby!

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good-Bye Kennedy Family!

This was taken at Red Lobster, the place Jamie chose for her last dinner in America. They are moving to Germany.
Jamie, Kim and Jim right before the left for the airport. We met this family when Jamie was in my kindergarten class.
It's a Jim thing. If you know him, you understand.

We miss them terribly. Even Jim...:)

Are We There Yet?

Have I Mentioned How Much They Love Uncle Edwin?

Rock Chalk!

In front of Allen Fieldhouse.

At first we had been told we would not be able to go inside of Allen Fieldhouse. But we obviously asked the wrong person. The next person we talked to told us to walk on in.
Do you see how happy Marcus is? I think he shed a little tear.
Cheering for the Jayhawks in the most expensive seats in the house.
Having fun.

Topeka State Capital

Does this picture have you interested? Keep reading!

The Kansas pictures continue. Sorry it took so long. Things have been a little crazy. The upstairs AC decided to stop working. Luckily we have AC on the other two levels. Of course we have to put our time in at the pool. But, here are the rest of the Kansas pictures. Enjoy.
We visited the State Capital and were excited to find we could climb to the top. It was quite an adventure.
This is at the beginning of the climb. Notice the shirts? Can you guess where we were visiting later in the day?
The tour guide pointed out all of the names on the wall. For many years this part of the capital was open and not supervised. So people visited and left their names and messages all of the place. They frown on this now, but it is neat to see names from 9o years ago. Some people were even more daring and climbed rafters and left their names in more obvious places. No thank you.
We are halfway to the top at this point. It was warm and can you believe there wasn't a water fountain in sight!
The view from the top was worth the climb. You could see for 40 miles. Marcus and I used to work in this building.
Audrey enjoying the view
Sojung not so sure she wants to enjoy the view. By the time you get to the top your legs feel like jello.
Going down was harder than going up, believe it or not. The spiral stairs were a challenge. We kept telling the girls to focus on the stairs and don't look down.
This is Betty's new buddy. Zach is the son of our friends, Brad and Renae. We stayed with them while in Topeka. Zach almost made it to the top but decided to stop at the last set of stairs. On the way back down he said to me "I think my cologne has worn off!" He is a cutie.
We were up there!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mrs. Foster and My Mom Should Be Proud!

Most of my summers were spent trying to finish a 4-H sewing project that seemed like a good idea when we were in the fabric store. I think I spent more time sewing in reverse (ripping out seams) than real sewing. But because of that I can sew a mean straight line. One Halloween I managed to put together two poodle skirts and them survived the night. When I found this pattern for very cute headbands I had to give it a try. The girls are trying to grow out their bangs and this is the best solution to keep their hair out of their eyes. Plus they will wear a uniform for school next year and this will keep it from getting too boring.
Sojung was a super helper. She pressed seams and turned fabric which made the process go even faster. I used flannel material mainly because it was the cutest this JoAnn Fabrics had and it was one sale. The girls love them! That is what matters. The best thing is the headbands are reversible.
We are off to visit the dentist today. No one is looking forward to this trip. I have promised them another trip to the fabric store after the appointment.
Next, I want to make these.