Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Kennedys

This is a picture of Sojung's rep for PIE. Jim and Kim Kennedy and their exchange student Tina from Slovakia. They were on their way to the Army Ball. We really appreciate what the Kennedy Family has done for Sojung. They have planned several day trips and included Sojung. She has even spent the night at their house on more than one occasion. Jim's passion for history made learning US History a little easier for Sojung. The Kennedys are moving to Germany next month and we will really miss them. Thank you for everything you have done for Sojung!

Happy Father's Day!

The girls wore matching shirts that said "I love Dad."
Marcus and Audrey
Let me start by telling you what terrible parents we are. We could have gone to McDonald's for lunch, but no. We are selfish, horrible parents and chose to take our family to The Cheesecake Factory. I know. Call Child Protective Services. Miss Betty was not thrilled at all to be here. (If you click on the picture to enlarge it you really get the full effect.) She would have much rather be dining at a restaurant that included a toy with her meal. But I cannot stomach another restaurant that throws away our dishes when we are finished. She was so upset she decided she wasn't going to eat. OK, that is fine. We told her she could eat at home. After we ran some errands. She decided that maybe it wasn't so bad to have some cheese pizza and cheesecake. At least she tolerates us.
Nothing changes cranky pants to happy pants like a little cheesecake!
Marcus opened gifts when he got home. Sojung gave him the third season of Lost.
Audrey giving Marcus a present.
He loved it!
Betty could hardly wait for him to open it!
Another shirt!!
Betty decided she had one more gift for Daddy. She ran upstairs and found one of her Barbie DVDs. Luckily Marcus didn't already have this one.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cow Pie High

That is what Sojung's new school is lovingly called. While the school is about 40 minutes from Washington DC, it is still very rural. It is surrounded by cow pasture in the middle of a very little town. Those of you reading this from my hometown would even consider Nokesville, VA small. From what I can tell there isn't much else to Nokesville other than the main street that runs through town and the dozen or so businesses that line the street. It is cute and quaint and has a real Mayberry feel to it.

Sojung enrolled yesterday and while Brentsville High School is the smallest high school in Prince William County, it is much larger than the school she attended last semester.

Here are the classes she will be taking:
  • Algebra 2
  • Oceanography
  • PE
  • English 10
  • US Government
  • Music Theory
  • Art

She seems very excited, especially since there really isn't much of a dress code. And she gets to ride the bus. (Something I did a lot! Trust me, the excitement wears off.) The bus stop is in our front yard so she won't have far to go.

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Official...

We have taken a huge step. One that we have been able to avoid much longer than most of our friends. Yesterday we purchased a minivan. I know...I can hear the gasps from here. But it was time and I was ready. The minivans of today are not at all like the ones when I was a kid. And I am thankful! (Sorry, no pictures. They will come soon. I will let the girls give you the grand tour of the van.) We are the proud owners of a 2008 Toyota Sienna. It is salsa red and come with all the bells and whistles. The girls will be able to enjoy DVDs and wireless headphones on their upcoming trip to Kansas. There is also an electrical plug in that enables us to use the Wii. (I think that was the selling point for Marcus.)

Betty had mixed feelings about the van. While she loved it, she was sad to say goodbye to our 2005 black Camry. (I understand this was how I felt when my parents sold their yellow banana, I mean car when I was a little girl.) Betty told me she hoped the dealership would keep the car until she was old enough to buy it. She asked Audrey on the way home if she missed the black car too. Audrey said "No way! Goodbye black car, hello paradise!"


The girls were invited to a school's out party at our friends' house. They rented a moon bounce and I believe we all got our money's worth! I remember how much fun these were at the county fair. And now you can rent one for around $100.00. If that was available when I was a kid I think that is where all my money would have gone...
I think Betty's face is priceless!
The girls had a great time and came home very tired.
Sojung was at the party but didn't get in the moon bounce. She did take the pictures. Thank you Sojung!!

Sojung's Teachers

Mrs. Vergara - US History
Mr. Saliba - US History (while Mrs. Vergara was on maternity leave) and Chapel
Mrs. Rector - Algebra and Geometry
Mrs. Lowe - Art

School's Out For Summer!!

Sojung and Seal Ran (pronounced "salon") playing the piano in my room after their last class of their last class of the year. They are both very good pianists.
Our little graduate!
After graduation Betty plans to spend time at the pool, go on vacation to Kansas and begin the first grade in the fall. They grow up so fast...
The graduates!
Audrey receiving the Super Speller Award. She also received recognition for an outstanding job in Social Studies.
Audrey's class hosted an Author's' Tea. The parents were invited to hear the students read their original stories.
Audrey's class also hosted an Egyptian Museum. If you have any questions about
Egypt, Audrey is now an expert!