Thursday, September 25, 2008

Betty's Birthday Bash! Part 2

Ready for another party? Betty picked out the fabric for the aprons and I made aprons for the girls that attended the Little Chef's Party! Note the party shoes are on for another fun day!
Let's Party!
Lizzy's here! The party can start!
See our pizzas we made.
While the pizzas we cooking we hit the pinata.
Who doesn't like a candy filled pinata.
The pizza was great.
She's 7!
And she's sassy!
Birthday cake from Cold Stone Creamery.
Make a wish. They were all too full of pizza to eat. The cake went back to the freezer.
She was the belle of the ball.
Thanks for coming to celebrate Betty's birthday!

Betty's Birthday Bash!

Since we hardly have pictures of the girls when they were little, we are documenting each moment of their birthdays. We started the day with singing Happy Birthday to Betty.
She is not much of a morning person.
But she was happy it was her birthday and started to wake up.
Can you tell which one is the morning person?
She's awake! Friday was not only her birthday but also picture day!
Betty picked out the best cupcakes to share with her friends at school.
Pink icing is the best!
Being 7 is great!
Really great!
Nothing like a nice pair of birthday shoes.
At home it was time for a quick nap before the next adventure.
Presents! This is what Uncle Edwin and Aunt Nicole sent.
More presents!
Thank you Sojung!
Carrie (Little House on the Prairie) doll from Grandma and Grandpa.
Take me out to the ballgame!
We went to see the Washington Nationals play the San Diego Padres. None of the girls had ever been to a baseball game. They were in for a fun night.
Nothing tastes as good as a ballpark dog.
Good birthday hot dog!
They had the best time.
She had a great birthday. Happy birthday, Betty!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somebody Has A Birthday Tomorrow!

And it is all she can think and talk about. Getting her math homework completed took a little longer than usual. She was too excited about the snazzy cupcakes we just bought at the bakery.
Too excited to sleep. Pierre didn't help. The question of the day was, "Will my clothes still fit when I am 7?"
Yes! And she was happy with that answer.
Still can't sleep. Remember those days when it took five years for your birthday to get here?
Close you eyes and try to sleep. The sooner you go to sleep the sooner it is your birthday.
It may take a while to get here.
Good night Betty! See you when you're seven!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The Wishbone

We had chicken for dinner tonight. You know the kind. Go to the grocery and buy one they have been cooking all day for you. As I am cutting up the chicken, which by the way my kids think I am super human because I can cut through bones (so they think) I ask Sojung if she wants to break the wishbone with me. She had no idea what I am talking about.
But she won! She won't tell her wish but I think it involves the Jonas Brothers.