Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here's The Latest

Like any good mom, I made sure to take a first day of school picture of GaEun before she got on the bus. She looks tired because it was 6:00 AM. High school starts early here and the bus comes even earlier.

She likes her classes however she is less than excited about US History. But who can blame her? It is not her history so that makes it even harder! She has to read four novels this year for English class. That would be challenging for many high school students who were fluent in English. It is going to be even more challenging for GaEun but I have feeling this will really help her improve her English. If you have any suggestions (currently she is reading "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd.) please leave a comment. The book can not be one that has been made into a movie...I guess they want them to READ the book!!

GaEun is very willing to try new foods so that makes it easier and very fun. She has already expressed her hatred for pickles but ironically likes Chick Fil A. (They soak their chicken in pickle juice.) She likes Arby's, baked ziti, (thank you TD for the recipe) and of course chocolate chip cookies.

Any suggestions on other foods she should try?

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