Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here We Go Again

I really thought I was finished with this blog. Really, I did. I couldn't delete it because it was is such a great photo album/memory book out of a huge year in our lives. But I never thought I would blog on it again.

But I was wrong.

And I am glad I was wrong.

Monday was the day that everything seemed to happen. First day of school for the girls and back to work for me. So after a very busy, fun, tiring day at school we rushed over to Dulles Airport and anxiously awaited the arrival of GaEun, our new exchange student from South Korea.

We had not planned to host again. Not at all. But to think about it, we didn't plan to host Sojung. It just fell into our laps. Sojung needed a host family or she would not be able to come to the US. She was able to get into a private school so we did it.

Fast forward about two years and same story. GaEun's placement fell through the end of August. They needed to find her a home or else she could not come. Marcus worked hard to find a high school that would take her and a bus route that would work for her and, well, here we go again!
Since this isn't our first time around I have to tell you how much easier it was to prepare for GaEun. The only thing we bought when we found out Sojung was coming was a rice maker! We were clueless when it came to the food. This time around I went to Super H and bought a huge bag of kimchee, Japenese noodles, a new 20 pound bag of rice, udon and ingredients for gogi. I was pleased to find out I hit the jackpot. Many would argue that she should just jump in head first with American food but I disagree. I think she needs to have a little bit of her Korean home in her American home. Having traveled overseas I know how nice it was to have some good ole American food after feasting on the local cuisine.
GaEun is adjusting to the time change, English and, well, us. She starts school on Tuesday.
Please stop in and check up on our journey. Feel free to ask questions. And please comment.


tracey said...

So thrilled for your family & the girls' new big sister! When Brooks & Izzy were here, I gave them cash when they went into Chinatown & brought me back a bunch of treats. For our block party I made bulgogi & Vietnamese spring rolls - they were so good & a huge hit. I keep kim in for Kowdy & I always have a huge bag of jasmine rice in. Our Korean influence has been wonderful for our family. : )

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

I couldn't agree more about her having a bit of home cooking in her new American home. My French family tried, and just the effort was appreciated. So excited for y'all.

Mom said...

Remember what Bro Jim always said? 'Never say you will not do something because that will be what the Lord will lead you to do.'